How to Get Started With Live Video Streaming


Are you totally new to live video streaming and have never streamed a video before in your life? Then I perfectly understand that you might feel shy or nervous going in front of a camera. :p This can be a very scary feeling if you’re the shy type, where you’re going to be exposed and fully live on the feed and the whole process is quite unlike any other form of marketing. So where do you even begin? So that’s why I wrote this brief guide to get you set up and hopefully more confident in making profitable videos.

Getting Set Up

The first step is of course to set up your account on one of these 3 platforms. The easiest way is to get started is to install the app on your smartphone. Periscope, Meerkat and Blab each have apps on iPhone and Periscope and Meerkat are also on Android. If you’re looking to use Blab and you don’t have an Apple iOS device, then you just use your browser and go to

Once you’ve done that, then it’s just the same set-up process for each of these platforms. Just decide if you wish to sign up with your Twitter account or your phone number, then follow with a username and password for the phone number option.

From here, you’ll be able to select if you would like to start following your existing Twitter contacts and as for Meerkat, it would be your Facebook contacts.

Starting Filming

So how do you begin live streaming?

Easy: in each of these apps there’s a button that is simply self-explanatory (an image of a camera or a button that says ‘Start Streaming’). You may enter a title for your stream and in the case of Blab, you can select some tags to define the category of content that you’re creating. These are important features as they determine whether or not people check out your videos.

You might find that it’s a daunting and taxing experience at first, turning on your camera and letting anyone in the world watch. A good place to start then is with a very simple home test – just point your camera at something and film. You’ll find that even this alone is enough to land you a few new followers and from there, it should give you the confidence to build up more momentum and projects in the future.

It really is that simple and while there are many more options and things you can learn, this is more than enough to get you started! If you’d like more information and training on live video streaming, do check out this Streaming Profits Authority training course:



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