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What Is Avatar Genie Pro?

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Avatar Genie Pro

What Is Avatar Genie Pro?

Avatar Genie Pro is a web based app where you can build your own cartoon character from its rich library of costumes, poses, hairstyles, and more.

Avatar Genie Pro lets you build your own male or female avatars in just minutes! Think of it as “The Sims” for Internet Marketing or Business. You can point-n-click and build your very own unique characters for:

* Representing your business
* Product cover
* Website
* Logo
* Packaging
* Advertisement
* Marketing materials
* Social media
* And a lot more…


No Photoshop. No Design Skills. No Monthly Fees.

The complicated process of producing your own professional avatars and mascot characters is now extremely simplified – and with a rich collection of hairstyles, outfits, accessories, and more… you can customize these  characters anyhow you want. You can use these avatars or mascots to enhance your products, graphics, websites, and it’s up to your imagination really. 🙂

This web-based app is once again produced by the sale GraphicSling.com team of June Ashley, Kayte-Lee and Edmund Loh who have also brought us past Genie hits such as as Cover Genie Pro and Logo Genie Pro.

Up till now, while you could find ready-made avatars and mascots in graphic packages, but there wasn’t a software that could create such customized avatars based on your indiviual needs, until now. With Avatar Genie Pro, the complicated process of producing your own professional mascots is crunched down, distilled and simplified – and unlike all other contemporary solutions out there, you can customize them based on any theme your business needs.


Watch Avatar Genie Pro In Action!

See How Easy It Is To Use This Software To Create Guru-Level Mascot Characters In Just Minutes Or Less

What’s In Avatar Genie Pro?

You can build your own expert level avatars in minutes or less, drag and drop, point n click style

Rich selection of customizable appearances, accessories and poses to choose from – ranging from a professional-looking businessperson to a mighty superhero!

Comes ready with a library of over ready-made clothes and outfits, accessory selections and a multitude of facial features and poses. These are all created with modern, up to date graphics that fit into almost every design in mind.

Basically it’s like The Sims, but the difference is you can use it to adorn your pages or make the avatars you created as mascots for your products, services, even webpages!

Why Use Avatar Genie Pro?

Time and effort saver – produce professional, modern-looking avatars, male or female within minutes – no more waiting on designers

Fee Saver – no need to engage third party designers, or pay ridiculous fees for Adobe Photoshop software or courses (Did you know that Photoshop has recently been turned into a monthly-fee-to-use software?)

BOOST YOUR CONVERSIONS! – It’s advantageous to have an avatar that looks good. With the customization options in your command, you can ensure that the avatars you make are killer ones!

Impress clients – the professional-looking and aesthetically pleasing avatars that YOU created will surely put your clients in awe and with the disbelief that you did not actually hire designers to create your avatars’ multiple looks

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