WP Site Launcher Review + Bonus

WP Site Launcher Review

A Brand New Software Package To Instantly Launch Your New WP Blogs And Protect Them With Just A Few Clicks

wp site launcher

WP Site Launcher removes all the technical hassles of building WordPress sites manually. You can easily save hours of work that it would normally take to build your website.

With the built-in features, you can point and click your way to better blog posts, pages, configure the settings, install plugins, optimize your site for google rankings and so many more.

But it doesn’t stop there. Besides speed and convenience, you need SECURITY too.

With just a few clicks, you can also PROTECT your website from BOTS and SCRAPPERS which are eating your bandwidth and slowing down your websites.


WP Site Launcher Includes:


Site Launcher

($97 Value)

Site Protector

($97 Value)


($37 Value)


Watch how WP Site Launcher can launch and secure any WordPress site in just seconds:


wp site launcher

Secure WordPress Site Launcher Today & Automatically Receive All Our Crazy Bonuses Below:




WP Link Protect

(Unlimited Sites License Edition)

 A Fast, Easy Solution to Creating Protected Download Links for Your Valuable Content!


Delivering your download is as easy as clicking the icon in your post editor and choosing your options. You’ll have…

24 meaningful icons to let your customers know exactly what they’re getting

2 attractive button styles in 8 different colors to match any theme

Modern, “rollover” buttons to attract attention and encourage clicks

Fully customizable button text for better calls to action

Customizable expiration times so you can control how long your download is available during each browser session

Editable error message so you can let customers know exactly how to access their download if the link has expired

The ability to include multiple buttons/links per page

Simple shortcode syntax for stress-free troubleshooting

Easily accessible point-and-click button embedder available on both posts and pages

Protection for any file type!

There simply is no better way to quickly and easily create expiring links to your Amazon S3 content to help protect your valuable downloads from unauthorized sharing.

Real Value:




Brute Force Protector

(Unlimited Sites License Edition)

Finally! An Easy Way To Stop The Number One Threat To Your WordPress Website


With this plugin, that’s exactly what you get. It offers…

Easy installation – simply upload the file to your site and activate

Simple configuration screen – gives you total control over the user experience

The ability to set your own expiration period based on the level of risk you feel is acceptable

Customizable message to users when you first install the plugin – so they’re not confused by the sudden change

Customizable message to users when they are forced to update their password – so they know exactly why they’re being asked to update

The option to give administrators a pass by not forcing them to update

An additional field in the user profile so you can tell at a glance how old your users’ passwords really are

Multi-site license – use it on every site you own.

And nothing more for you to do – ever. Because once you install and activate this plugin, your users will be automatically prompted to update their passwords on the schedule that YOU control.

Real Value:




Content Ad Flash

(Unlimited Sites License Edition)

Easily and Quickly Incorporate an Unlimited Number of Ad Blocks Within Your WordPress Pages and Posts!”

It’s also easy to use, with a host of features that will make your website more profitable with less effort, such as…

Unlimited ads – create an ad for each of your products, important affiliate links, or any other content you want to use over and over again.

Attractive, eye-catching headlines – with 6 options to choose from, you’ll find just the right call to action to entice your readers to action.

Powerful formatting – this plugin uses the familiar WordPress post editor so you have complete control over images, text, links and more within each and every ad block.

9 Striking background colors to match – or contrast – with any blog design.

Built-in hand-drawn arrows to direct the reader’s attention exactly where you want it to go.

Place your ad anywhere on the page you like – at the top, in the content itself, or at the end of your post.

The ability to place more than one ad on a page.

The option to name a “fallback” ad, so if you delete an ad, you don’t have to worry about finding and removing all references to it.

Changing your recommendations? You no longer have to hunt down and replace multiple references within your site. Just change your ad block and instantly update every page where that ad appears.

Add your own graphics – so if the built-in headlines or boxes don’t suit you, you can quickly add your own using the familiar WordPress post editing interface.

The truth is, if you can use WordPress, you can use this plugin to create impressive looking ads and calls to action and place them absolutely anywhere within your posts or pages.

Real Value:




Commission Swipe

(Step By Step Affiliate Profit System)

Underground Affiliate Profit System Makes Money On Autopilot… In Just 7 Simple Steps!

Commission Swipe is the complete underground profit system for launching “set and forget” affiliate review sites and making money on autopilot step by step!

Video Module 1: Commission Swipe Overview – Brief outline of the complete system and what you can expect to learn.
Video Module 2: Choosing a Profitable Niche – How to find a niche with LOTS of hungry buyers – Includes our “Top 5” list of the most profitable niches to be in.

Video Module 3: Setting Up Your Site – Easy “1-Click” install method to setting up your review site and getting it live on the Internet.

Video Module 4: Finding Affiliate Products – The BEST networks to find high converting affiliate products in a wide variety of niches.

Video Module 5: Writing Your Review – Simple method for writing a great review that gets results, what to include in your review, and what to do if you don’t feel comfortable writing.

Video Module 6: Underground Traffic Swipe – These little-known FREE traffic methods can bring in immediate traffic to your review site and swipe easy commissions with little effort.

Video Module 7: Tips for Success – Valuable insider tips & strategies to ensure your success and multiply your income streams.


Real Value:




Barrel Loads of Blog Traffic

An internet marketer’s must-read guide that covers all the relevant steps to creating WordPress blogs with special emphasis on the necessary steps to become successful through traffic generation. Full of useful information that you will find easy-to-follow and understand, it includes quality resources that you’ll find valuable for future reference, and instructions that you can follow step-by-step at your own pace.


A complete eBook package in 10 modules, with the following bonus items:

  • – Worksheet
  • – Checklist
  • – Process Map
  • – Extra Bonus: Quick Cash Confidential


Zero-Cost Traffic Tactics:
10 Proven Methods To Generate Website Traffic Without Paying a Single Cent



WordPress Fast Track Package (Valued at $47)

With the ‘WordPress Fast Track’, you’ll get twenty four easy-to-follow video tutorials which will walk you through the various aspects of using WordPress.

Now you have a handy set of videos which you can refer to in case you run into a problem or if you don’t know how to do something in WordPress.
You can also pass these videos to your outsourcers or your staff so that they can help you out with WordPress-related tasks.
Furthermore, if you have an online support desk, you can provide these video tutorials to your customers or clients, therefore helping them out in a more efficient manner!


WordPress Security Mastery (Valued at $47)

Learn How To Effectively Protect Your WP Sites From Hackers

In this specific 16-video training course, you will get to watch over the shoulder – step-by-step, click by click – and learn how to implement measures intended to prevent your WordPress sites from getting hacked and greatly improving your site’s security overall!


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wp site launcher
wp site launcher


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