WP Segmenting Machine Review + Bonus – Automation For Email Marketers

WP Segmenting Machine is a brand new plugin that is created specifically to help you to properly manage, segment and automate any email marketing campaign/list.
wp segmenting machine

The WP plugins in their funnel are unique and designed to help automating almost all of the user’s email marketing campaigns and more. 

Who Needs This Product?

Internet Marketers
List Builders
Almost all WordPress users who need to make money from their list better.
Check out this video demo review of WP Segmenting Machine:

wp segmenting machine

Front End of WP Segmenting Machine

The Front End offer of WP Segmenting Machine is a premium wordpress plugin that allows you to automate almost every task from your email marketing campaigns, to segment your lists based on subscribers interest and much more. You will be able to separate buyers from your non-buyers and maximize your conversions. You will know exactly who is interested in what on your list.

Upsell 1:

WP Segmenting Machine with Developer Rights*

WP Segmenting Machine Developer Rights
The same front-end plugin with developer rights added, which allows you to install this plugin for your clients. An added business model worth considering.

Upsell 2:

WP BigData Machine*

WP Big Data Machine
The Upsell 2 offer, the WP Big Data Machine is a one of a kind WordPress plugin that gives you an analytics insight of your subscribers that you might not find anywhere else…even what the regular autoresponder providers don’t seem to provide. The data in this tool is quite a big eye-opener.
* Both WP plugins are compatible with:
 Check out the video demo of the WP Big Data Machine below…


WP Segmenting Machine – FAST ACTION BONUSES

If you purchase WP Segmenting Machine today, you will receive these 10 special bonuses as well:

Bonus #1: WP Local Business Plugin (Value $27)

An Easy To Use System That Creates Social-Powered Business Landing Pages In Seconds!

Everything You Need To Setup A Killer Professional Business Landing Page That Anyone Can Create! This system is designed for anyone who wants to get a full business landing page site up and running in minutes without installing a big bulky cms, or doing any hardcore techie stuff. Easily & quickly get your business online all-in-one place!


Bonus #2: Scarcity Demon Value $47

This is a WordPress plugin that will create instant real one time offer pages with unique counters built in.

Learn About The SECRET Software Marketers Are Using To DOUBLE..…Even TRIPLE Their Profits With CONVERSION RATES Of 20-30%! Turn Every Product Launch Into A Black Friday Spending Frenzy Using The Powerful Psychology of “REACTANCE THEORY”.

Scarcity Demon will literally put YOU in control of time – and you don’t even need technical expertise to get those countdown timers up and running on all of your offers. With Scarcity Demon installed on your offers, your buyers will be racing against the clock to hit to hit those buy buttons again and again!

  • Set your countdown timers for however long you want -24hours, 8hours, even 1hour?! The choice is yours
  • Place counters anywhere on your sales page with easy to use cut and paste shortcodes
  • Customize and preview the counters live within the plugin to add your own individual style
  • Add custom redirect pages to get maximum exposure for all of your offers – allow anyone who misses out on one of your offers a chance at another
  • Run multiple offers on one WordPress installation – no technical expertise required!
  • Automated messages let your customers know when your timers are about to expire to create an even greater sense of urgency
  • Customizable ‘Expired’ images to let buyers who drag their feet know mean business!


Bonus #3- WP Question Optin – Value $17

  • Increase email optin conversion and gain insights on each lead you generate right from within WordPress. Create Email Opt-in Questionaire WordPress Pages in Only Seconds!

    Bonus #4 – Wp Notify Pro – Value $27


  • Stop chasing traffic and discover how this new cutting edge software will instantly boost visits, clicks, conversions, and sales … regardless of your niche!

    You will be able to combine the powerful features of a premium notification bar and pop-up box to make your options become near limitless!

    • Force social sharing by locking any kind of content (immediately boost traffic by offering incentives to share while making sales at the same time!)

    • Display a countdown timer create urgency, unlock content, make it disappear and more! (timers create a feverish sense of urgency to share your site and get the content!)

    • Boldly display E-Covers for your upcoming or current products (finally your products and offers will get the attention they deserve!)

    • Display any kind of images or banners for affiliate products of any kind (ads have to get noticed to get clicked and now they finally will!)

    • Embed videos of any kind for any purpose (a new fresh way to get your videos seen, sales, content, review, promotions you name it.)

    • Embed E-Mail auto-responder code (Maybe you do want a popup, you can get your opt-in box to pop-up in 9 different locations and set a delay if needed!)

    • Ability to track clicks to maximize conversions!

    • Use delay timers to grab attention and enhance visitor experience

    • Choose any of nine different screen locations to fit perfectly on your site

    • No matter what niche you’re in this will work for you!

    Bonus #5 – Wp Lead Capture Theme – Value $27.95

    Create Awesome Captures Pages in Your WordPress Blog!

    You can create unlimited landing pages using the easy to use admin option panel.

    Bonus #6 – Wp Instant Ebook Plugin – Value $29

    The absolute fastest way to turn any WordPress blog into a Beautiful Re-sellable Ebook.

    Bonus #7 – Wp Duplicate Post Plugin – Value $37

    Quickly clone your WordPress posts & pages with this easy to use plugin!

    Bloggers used WordPress as their content management system because of its easy to use interface. But if you are managing multiple WordPress blogs, it can be time consuming and sometimes frustrating in backing up your posts and page content. If that’s your problem, well it dosn’t an issue anymore using this amazing plugin.

    Bonus #8 – Wp Media Remix – Value $47

    Create viral branded media players with timed actions and auto-responder popups.

    How can you do this? This one plugin creates brandable media players with your content, your links, and let your visitors embed on their blogs… You already know why that is super powerful in viral traffic, sales and lead generation.

    Bonus #9 – Wp EZ Rank Checker Plugin– Value $49

    Here’s The Simplest, Most Effective Way To Track Your WordPress Rankings On Google And Monitor Each And Every Keyword Position…In A Single Dashboard!

    If You Are A SEO Enthusiast, Then Pay Attention To This Important Message…You Are About To Save TONS Of Your Precious Time! WP EZ Rank Checker is the definitive WP plugin that will allow you to check your rankings in Google, monitor each keyword position in rankings, generate daily reports on how well your site is doing in Google, generate valuable lists of keywords and much more…

    Check Out The Features And Benefits!

    If you are in need of a tool that simplifies your life, saves you time and helps you tremendously with your SEO efforts, then you will surprised. WP EZ Rank Checker comes jam-packed with tons of features that make this plugin the real “SEO Weapon” that will undoubtedly skyrocket your business!

    These are the features and benefits…

    • Smart tracking – You can track an unlimited number of keyword rankings on Google. Also, keep updating these ranks and check your improvements in Serps…this way you will save hours upon hours of your time!

    • Quickly and easily generate ranking reports with a click of your mouse and download them into your computer. These reports can help you to monitor how well your site is doing on Google, so that you can make informed decisions.

    • Effective Keyword tool integrated – WP EZ Ranker has integrated a very powerful keyword research tool that will come up with a detailed, long list of keywords so that you don’t have to even leave your WP blog in order to do your keyword research. These keywords are generated by catching Google suggestions for your specified keyword by appending all language characters one by one to the main keyword.

    • Autotrack Searched Keywords – If some of your visitors land into your site via Google search and Google provides the keyword, then the plugin can add it to the dashboard for proper tracking!

    • Easy filter included: The plugin allows Keywords tracked to be instantly filtered by site, group or search term.

    • User-friendly interface – the plugin is extremely easy to use, and you don’t have to sift through hundreds of complicated options. Everything’s at a glance!

    • And much more…

    Bonus #10 – Wp EZ Share It Plugin – Value $49

    New Powerful, Off-The-Grid WP Plugin Allows Users To Share Your Images And Videos Of Your Blog And Link Them Back To You…Generating A Tsunami Of Traffic To YOUR Blog!

    This is how it works…

    1.User arrives to your blog, hovers over your image (or selects his or her video).
    2.Then, he can type any sharing message he wishes, click the “Share” button and voilà! Your images, infographics and videos will be seen by hundreds of people!

    Here are the features and benefits of “WP EZ Share It”…

    • 100% Mobile-ready – “WP EZ Share It” was designed exclusively with responsiveness in mind. The plugin adapts flawlessly to any type of mobile device so even mobile users can share YOUR images and videos.

    • Your readers can share in Facebook, Twitter and also Pinterest (just imagine how many visits you’ll get when you are tapping into these GIGANTIC traffic sources!)

    • Quickly and easily edit and customize the styles, the way YOU want. Box style, background color, border, font and the share button can be adapted to your taste – there’s no limit for your creativity.

    • You can include impactful effect styles such as audio or hover effects – impress your visitors so they are “forced” to share!

    • Increase your social traffic to your site and increase sales and subscribers – This is very simple, once people share your images and videos, you will GET more traffic.

    • Dead-easy to install – You can get “WP EZ Share It” up and running in under a minute (and it’s quite easy to use it…You won’t believe it.)

    • And much more…

    Claim these 10 Bonuses with WP Segmenting Machine here

    (bonuses will be available in the members download area)

    wp segmenting machineWP Segmenting Machine Developer RightsWP Big Data Machine

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