The Top 4 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

The Top Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

No matter how much you think you’ve mastered affiliate marketing, it only takes a few key mistakes to hamper your progress, that could be holding you back from the success that you deserve.

If you’re currently making some money online from promoting affiliate products but it’s not yet to the level that you desire, then you may be wondering what are those key factors that are holding you back. Why aren’t you making as much money as all those gurus in all those photos, where you seem them in front of mansions, islands, airplanes and yachts?

Here, I will share with you the top 4 common affiliate marketing mistakes that may be holding you back…


1) The Product is too Generic

Are you selling another e-book called ‘Internet Marketing’ or ‘Make Money Online’?

Well guess what… so is literally everyone else and their dog or cat. Even if the actual product you’re selling isn’t being stuffed in front of people already, if it’s that generic, then chances are pretty high that some variation of your product has already been everywhere. So you will need to ask yourself how you can differentiate and stand out from all the other generic marketers, and how you’re going to make yourself different from the crowd to be seen.


2) Going in for the Kill way too Early

This is a particularly big and easy mistake to make if you’re promoting affiliate products through e-mail marketing. If you have a product that you’re trying to promote through e-mail, then it’s crucial that you first build trust and reliability with your subscribers first, followed by anticipation and curiosity towards the product that is going to be launched soon. Otherwise, why should anyone listen to you, or care more about you compared to others?


3) You Don’t Really Believe in the Product

You don’t have to sell the next game changer or beat Apple at the iPhone, but you should at least have enough faith and belief that the product you’re promoting is really good and adds value to your audience. However much you try to pretend you love that new e-book or software, you’re going to find that you won’t come across as 100% genuine if you didn’t actually use it and found it helpful yourself. Having a SOLID product that you genuinely believe in will mean that you will be genuinely sharing good points about the product, and this will come across as being trustworthy to your audience. In an ideal situation, you should always promote products that you have bought and used yourself.


4) You Don’t Have a Route to Market

Finding your route to market is one of the biggest keys to success with affiliate marketing. This is ultimately how you’re going to connect with your target demographic. Identifying the route to your market is one of the highest value-added things you can do right from the start, and in fact you should have this in mind even before you have selected the product to promote.

Follow these tips, avoid these key affiliate marketing mistakes, and you should see your profits increasing! 🙂

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