Rapid Traffic Guide Review + Bonus

Rapid Traffic Guide Review (+ Bonus below)

A Brand New Guide to both Free and Paid traffic that works Today

Rapid Traffic Guide



Check out this video preview of Rapid Traffic Guide:


Rapid Traffic Guide is a video training program by Gary Alach which shows you how to get virtually all forms of traffic and build a massive responsive list in the process, as quickly and effectively as possible. This is a straight to the point, step by step training program and is suited to both newbies and experienced marketers who want to explode their online earnings. It will even suit offline businesses who want to expand their online presence.

All of the training will be accessed in a cleanly designed members area and each lesson is delivered in HD Video, Audio and PDF Cheat Sheets. (It’s nice that this course delivers a variety of formats for the convenience of various customers.)

Here’s an overview of the contents, followed by a detailed breakdown for your reading pleasure:

FRONT END of Rapid Traffic Guide


20 video lessons showing how to tap into 30 different traffic sources (including some offline techniques that no one is teaching).

It also has a lesson dedicated to showing you how you use some free tools that allow people to see where their competitors are getting their traffic from and I demonstrate exactly how they can use this to their advantage!

After going through this core module, you will become much more skillful with traffic.



5 video lessons showing how to select products for maximum conversion including Affiliate Products, CPA Offers, and Multilevel Marketing Opportunities and you are provided a list of the best networks for each.

Also included is a lesson on how to quickly and easily create your own products.



3 video lessons demonstrating how to set up a capture page, split test it and optimise from maximum conversions, and advises the best software for creating them.

You are also provided 8 Ad copy templates that you can use for your own landing pages and other advertising material for the highest possible conversions that works in any niche.


OTO1 of Rapid Traffic Guide


3 lessons showing:

    * How to follow up a lead
    * How to build trust with your list
    * Email Follow up sequence examples for leads
    * Email Follow up sequence examples for customers
    * Why and how you should segment your list
    * Broadcast emails and how to increase open and click rates
    * How to split test and optimise emails for greater engagement.

OTO2 of Rapid Traffic Guide

90 Day Personal Coaching


    * Initial 45 minute Skype consultation
    * Development of a business success plan
    * 90 day personal email support


Detailed Contents Review of Rapid Traffic Guide


Here’s a screenshot of the main members area:
rapid traffic guide members

Lesson 1 – Video Traffic

So why is video so HOT right now? Discover how you can use Video along with 100% free traffic and hosting to drive traffic to your offer – without having to show yourself on screen or even speak on the video.
Discover how to get your videos ranked in Youtube and Google simply and quickly to score an instant avalanche of traffic.
Watch over Gary’s shoulders as he creates a Youtube channel and uploads a video right before your eyes in under 3 minutes. 

Lesson 2 – Solo Ads

Getting targeted traffic using other peoples email lists is easy as Gary shows you how.
He provides you with the best solo ad sellers at the minute.
And you’ll never have to research the results and reputation of Solo ad sellers ever again with this one cool FREE tool that allows you to find the best sellers along with their up to date results instantly. 

Lesson 3 – Facebook

You are provided a full demo on the process of setting up both paid and free advertising campaigns using this smokin’ hot social network, along with fan page creation, to have a surge of traffic coming to you in a matter of minutes.
You will learn how to target your advertising, harnessing the multitude of information stored deep in the Facebook database, like pages liked, interests, occupation etc.
You will also be shown the exact method of how to get friends and followers quickly without having your account closed down by Facebook, in as little as 15 minutes per day.

Lesson 4 – Other Social Networks

Provides you with a list of other Social Networks that can bring you a ton of free and cheap traffic very quickly.

Lesson 5 – Pay Per Click (PPC)

An outline of the steps to have a successful PPC campaign set up in the fastest time possible and provides a list of awesome places that you can order PPC traffic that are simpler and cheaper than Google!
You will also be given a full demo on how to use Google’s Keyword Planner to your advantage and a sneaky tactic to find buyer keywords.

Lesson 6 – Pay Per View (PPV)

Gary reveals and shows you how to use this powerful traffic source which allows you to ethically and legally ‘steal’ traffic from any website or page (even from your competitor’s) of your choosing all on complete autopilot.
You will be provided the best resources to get this all started. 

Lesson 7 – Cost Per Action (CPA)

This ‘insane’ traffic method has the ability to provide you with a surge tens of thousands of visitors literally within hours of setting it up and will flood your business with more sales and leads than you know what to do with.
You will be shown the best places to grab this tidal wave of targeted traffic and how to get started!

Lesson 8 – Mobile Traffic

Prospective buyers are trending towards mobile devices and you will learn exactly how to go about accessing this growing form of traffic. 

Lesson 9 – Media Ads

Covers the types of Media buys available and how to go about getting your Banner Ads placed on other company’s websites that can provide tons of quality targeted leads and buyers.

You also get the best free software to use to create your banners and you will be shown how you can outsource banner creation for as little as $5.

Lesson 10 – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

How to get a ton of FREE organic traffic on autopilot by outlining the steps required to get your website to appear on the first page of Google.
You will go through both On Page and Off Page SEO and how to get it done for free.
You also get a demo on research on the IMPORTANT aspect on selecting keywords – (If not done properly you will be wasting your time!) 

Lesson 11 – Affiliates

This is one of my favourites – This 100% FREE traffic source is a prime way to build your list, make a ton of sales, gain a massive influx of leads, all on complete auto pilot and is the quickest and cheapest way to skyrocket your business profits.
You can’t tap into this traffic unless you know the precise steps that Gary reveals here…

Lesson 12 – Traffic Agencies

How to get premium traffic from qualified buyers which literally takes minutes to set up. 

Lesson 13 – Viral Traffic

Brace yourself for the Traffic Rush!
Learn how to use a combination of tools and strategies to get viral traffic to your offer that increases exponentially over time.

Lessons 14, 15 and 16 – Other Traffic

Gary reveals and steps you through 3 other 100% free traffic sources that can deliver fast streams of targeted traffic to you time and time again.

Lesson 17 – Offline Marketing

Believe it or not! Offline Marketing can actually be very effective (even for an online business) and 99% of online business aren’t doing it yet and they are leaving money on the table.
You will go through 14 ways to conduct offline marketing for a massive increase in exposure of your business.

Lesson 18 – Other Ninja Traffic Sources

Outlines 6 underground traffic sources (Both Free and Cheap) that can have visitors flocking to your websites.
You will be outsmarting your competition as most people don’t know about these…

Lesson 19 – Retargeting

You will learn the ins and outs of this easy to set up traffic source which literally follows existing prospects as they browse the internet with strategically placed ads on multiple websites.
This cheap and easy to set up traffic source has been shown to position you as an authority and increase conversions of existing campaigns by up to 40%. You will discover the best Retargeting Networks on the planet. 

Lesson 20 – Competitor Traffic Analytics

This is a game changer and SERIOUSLY levels the playing field.
You get the secret tools and tricks to enable you to spy on your competitors’ traffic sources and online advertisements.
You will be provided a demo on how this is done so when you’re done watching, you can model the big boys’ advertising too.

Rapid Traffic Guide BONUS MODULE 1

Lesson 1 – Affiliate Products

NEWBIE HEAVEN – Includes the best affiliate networks to sign up to which are free to join and have the greatest products which pay you on time.
Advantages and Pitfalls of affiliate marketing that you need to know.
Included is a demo on how to find a high converting offer in any niche with one of the best affiliate networks and how to set it all up to promote in under 5 minutes without the need for a website or your own product.

Lesson 2 – CPA Offers

* How it works and how to get paid without requiring anyone to make a purchase
* A simple trick that will get you accepted in a CPA Network
* Pros and Cons of promoting CPA Offers
* A list on Gary’s recommended CPA Networks
* A tour of the different types of promotions within a top Network and how to get paid when a person makes a simple action (even without a purchase)

Lesson 3 – Multi Level Marketing

A full detailed explanation from a perspective of a person in a multi-level marketing company including the advantages and pitfalls of being involved in an MLM.
A list of the best MLMs available in the IM niche and how you can increase your earnings after you join.
This course is the perfect companion for a multilevel marketer as it contains the most comprehensive training on the ingredient lacking in MLM’s – TARGETED TRAFFIC. (This is not what I’m currently pursuing, but it is worth a look if you’re already in MLM and it doesn’t detract from your current business model.)

Lesson 4 – How to Create Your Own Products

Have you ever noticed that the richest people online are the product creators? Here Gary reveals the exact steps involved in creating your own product (and it’s surprisingly simple) and ways that it can be used to pay you over and over which includes:

    * Niche selection
    * Market Research techniques to help you decide what product to create for maximum profits
    * Exact Steps to create an information product (Videos, E-books, etc) without needing any knowledge in the subject
    * Exact Steps to create a software product without any technical ability
    * How to outsource product creation on the cheap and still get a quality result
    * How you can combine your product promotions with affiliate promotions to stuff your bank account with massive pays regularly –    Just like how the 7 and 8 figure earners do it….


Rapid Traffic Guide BONUS MODULE 2

Lesson 1 – Capture Page Set Up

The essential components of a good capture page which will attract the perfect prospects, like bees to honey.  Be blown away as Gary creates capture pages right before your eyes in under 5 minutes using two different capture page tools.
You will also see the best capture page software available today.

Lesson 2 – Ad Copy Formula

Legally steal 12 proven ad copy structures that you can use on capture pages and other online advertisements that incorporate proven ‘emotional triggers’ and will have your prospects falling over themselves to check out your offer.
This is used by the big players and works for any product in any niche.

Lesson 3 – Analytics and Optimisation

Drive your optin rates through the roof by learning this simple analysis, split tests and optimisation techniques.
Stand head and shoulders above your competition as 99% of other marketers are failing to do this. Doing this correctly can save you money and time, and will triple or quadruple your conversions.

Rapid Traffic Guide Review Conclusion

Overall, I must say that Gary has assembled a very comprehensive traffic course here that covers both free and paid traffic methods that work well today. The layout of the course is clear, and the variety of formats with video, audio and pdfs is a big plus point, and the material is clearly presented. This course is certainly useful for beginner to intermediate marketers who are still struggling to get more traffic and sales (and who isn’t unless you’re already a super affiliate), and comes with my solid recommendation.
Please do check out my bonus package below to help you further should you choose to invest in Rapid Traffic Guide here:

Rapid Traffic Guide

Rapid Traffic Guide – Bonus Package

BONUS #1: 3 New Quick Income Bonuses

Also as a special BONUS for buying Rapid Traffic Guide through this site only, here are 3 additional Bonuses that will help you in building up your affiliate income more quickly:



BONUS #2: Zero-Cost Traffic Tactics

10 Proven Methods To Generate Website Traffic Without Paying a Single Cent

You will need to get traffic to your affiliate websites too, so I’ve got you covered here with these effective free traffic methods:



How To Claim Your Bonuses

Step 1: Purchase Rapid Traffic Guide through this link:

Click Here To Purchase Rapid Traffic Guide

Step 2: Please send me your JVZoo Receipt through my contact page. I will deliver the bonuses to you within 48 hours.

Make sure to grab it quick before these bonuses are TAKEN DOWN!

To your success,

Chris Lee

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