Operation Quick Money Review

Looking for a review of Operation Quick Money? It’s basically a free e-book by Patric Chan, but it’s much more than just that.

There is a catchy video playing on the website, which tells you how you can make money online in just 2 weeks’ time. After entering your email for the free e-book, then you will get to know about CB Passive Income, which is the main system behind the entire Operation Quick Money¬†ebook.

The essence of this system is to clone Patric’s Affiliate Marketing System and to make money as quickly as possible, hence the operation for quick money. ūüôā

I’m happy to share that it really does work. I tested this system from scratch without any mailing list to begin with. Now after just a few days of using the system, I’ve collected over 100 leads and made almost $200 on Clickbank. (Note: No one can guarantee you will achieve the same, but this is just to show you what’s possible.)

This is only after just using one of the training methods taught in CB Passive Income. Now I’ve got to get busy learning more traffic methods to scale up the income further.

To summarize, Operation Quick Money¬†(and CB Passive Income) work hand-in-hand to shortcut the learning process for anyone who wants to make money online via affiliate marketing. As the old saying goes, “the money is in the list”, and this can be done correctly provided you have the right system setup in place.

So CB Passive Income¬†will build a list of leads for you by leveraging on Patric’s system that runs on autopilot. So that’s where the passive income comes from.

Now one drawback naturally is that the leads don’t fully belong to you, since they would only be promoting Patric’s products automatically. This is the same issue when promoting any other affiliate program that has a mailing list with follow ups to its subscribers.

That’s where the Pro version of CB Passive Income¬†comes in. You get to integrate your autoresponder to also collect your very own subscribers at the same time. This is a true double-bonus of building your list at the same time, which is what makes the¬†CB Passive Income system truly unique and powerful. It’s a system all setup so you can leverage on it and make money much more quickly than you can starting from scratch entirely.

To get started, download Operation Quick Money for yourself here and enjoy your read:

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