How to Make Money From PLR Products

How to Make Money From PLR Products

So would you like to make money from PLR? We have discussed many affiliate products in detail on my blog here, as well as creating your own digital products. Both marketing as an affiliate or as a vendor have their own plus points for marketers looking to make money online. So allow me to explain the differences between being an affiliate marketer and a vendor, before diving into PLR itself.

To recap, selling your own digital product as a vendor gives you complete control over the product with excellent ROI and very low overheads. You have complete flexibility as the owner to sell in a number of ways and you have full control over how you promote and sell your product.

On the other hand, promoting an affiliate product means selling somebody else’s product that is already ready to go. As an affiliate, you have no up-front investment and therefore a much lower risk than the vendor. At the same time, it’s also going to be much easier to choose something that you know will sell. You have flexibility in choosing what to promote, but you lose out in terms of control, branding and flexibility on the product itself that you’re promoting.

But what if there was an option that had the best of both worlds; i.e. all the advantages of both these options and none of the disadvantages of either?


Introducing: PLR Products

PLR stands for ‘Private Label Rights’. A PLR product then is a product that comes with full private label rights. This is similar to what we call ‘white-labelling’ in the software industry.

how to make money from plr

This means that you can sell the product as your very own to your customers, and you can also edit and change the product as you like, where most probably you would want to add your own branding to the product. At the same time though, you’ll enjoy the priviledge of selling a ready-made product, that has a proven track record of selling. This is something you can see clearly from the sales statistics of the original PLR vendor from whom you bought the PLR product from.

You just pay a simple one-time fee in order to buy not just the product itself but also the PLR rights. From then onwards, the product becomes fully yours to use, sell, edit, and repackage as you please. Better still, PLR products often come with a full set of marketing materials included so you’ll be able to promote it quickly without having to spend much time or money on creating sales funnels or landing pages. All you have to do is to customize it and make it unique to your own branding. That’s how you differentiate yourself from the competition. 🙂


The Downsides

So are there any downsides to PLR products?

Well, there isn’t a one, perfect solution in the online world, or the real world for that matter. The main thing is that PLR products are not unique to you alone. (This is different from bespoke or customized product creation services, which have a much higher price tag since the product would be created for you and you alone only.)

The PLR product that you just bought, would also be owned by others whom have purchased from the same vendor. This means there’s a chance that your customers might find your content replicated elsewhere, which can undermine your brand if you did not do any customization.

Another little downside is that you might have to pay more for a PLR product than it would cost you to create your own item from scratch. It’s just the usual tradeoff between money and time. This makes sense as you’re essentially paying for the privilege of getting a ready-to sell product upfront, without having to create anything yourself.

Finally, do take note that the quality of PLR products are also highly variable. So to save you the trouble of doing your own research, I have sourced one of the best PLR providers in the market today:

This is the Profit From PLR package by Aurelius Tjin. Check out my review here, and feel free to check out Profit From PLR in more detail here to learn how to make money from PLR products:

how to make money from plr

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