Graphics Magic Box V3 Review + Bonus Package

What Is Graphics Magic Box V3?


Graphics Magic Box V3 is the 3rd volume of the latest graphics package series by veteran graphics producer Lucas Adamski. Volume 3 has MORE Modules (41 in total) than its predecessors, which includes the latest in video graphics, video templates, characters and other unique components.

Most of the graphics are fresh and captivating, based on the latest design trends. The biggest plus point this time is that the graphics will be now editable in Microsoft Powerpoint or Open Office thus making it much easier to customize. You no longer need to have Photoshop! 🙂

Lucas has over 5 years of graphic design & internet marketing experience, so he to prove his credibility from all of his previous graphic series launches, such as Graphics Mystic, Graphics Treasure Chest, and now Graphics Magic Box. (Interestingly enough, these packages were all released in 3 volumes each, and now this is the 3rd volume of Graphics Magic Box that you’re looking at today.)


What did I like about this package?

The graphics are sharp, crisp, and have a certain ‘shine’ to them that’s required today for them to actually CONVERT and bring you more sales to whatever it is you’re promoting. Lucas incorporates direct-response principles in this graphics package to indeed maximize your conversions, thus increasing your sales & profits.

This makes Graphics Magic Box V3 a perfect graphics collection for: internet marketer, affiliate marketers, product vendors, offline marketers & paid advertisers.


Was there anything I didn’t like about this package?

Previously, I would say that what was lacking in the earlier Graphics packages was what I mentioned above, that is it was difficult to edit the graphics templates to suit your own custom needs. Sure, it’s great to use templates, but sometimes you just need to edit to customize, and using Photoshop sounds easier than it actually is, unless you’re already an experienced designer.

Thankfully, Lucas has fixed this problem well with the ability to now edit these graphics using only Microsoft PowerPoint or OpenOffice.

Thus, at the bargain price this package is being offered at, there’s not much else for me to complain about, as this is not a graphics software, but a collection of ready-to-go templates! 😉


Here’s a list of the modules you’ll find inside:


  • MODULE 1 – Tumblr Covers
  • MODULE 2 – Tumblr Graphics
  • MODULE 3 – Youtube Thumbnails
  • MODULE 4 – Facebook Covers
  • MODULE 5 – Facebook Newsfeed Ads
  • MODULE 6 – Twitter Covers
  • MODULE 7 – Mobile Squeeze Pages
  • MODULE 8 – Web 3.0 Minisite Template
  • MODULE 9 – Full HD Video Backgrounds
  • MODULE 10 – X Characters
  • MODULE 11 – X Characters
  • MODULE 12 – X Characters
  • MODULE 13 – Ecover Templates – Business
  • MODULE 14 – Ecover Templates – Fiction
  • MODULE 15 – Vector Stamps
  • MODULE 16 – Banner Templates
  • MODULE 17 – Graphical Headlines
  • MODULE 18 – Viral Quotes
  • MODULE 19 – Blog Headers
  • MODULE 20 – Product Headers
  • MODULE 21 – Testimonial Boxes
  • MODULE 22 – Product Boxes
  • MODULE 23 – WSO Sales Page Design
  • MODULE 24 – Flyers
  • MODULE 25 – Gift Card Templates
  • MODULE 26 – Postcard Templates
  • MODULE 27 – Infographic Templates
  • MODULE 28 – Email Header Graphics
  • MODULE 29 – Business Cards
  • MODULE 30 – Pricing Tables
  • MODULE 31 – Royalty-Free Photos
  • MODULE 32 – Hand-Written Fonts
  • MODULE 33 – Text Layer Styles
  • MODULE 34 – Transparent Photos
  • MODULE 35 – Powerpoint Explainer Video Templates
  • MODULE 36 – Powerpoint Corporate Video Templates
  • MODULE 37 – Mascot
  • MODULE 38 – Landing Page Templates
  • MODULE 39 – One Third Video Graphics
  • MODULE 40 – Logo Templates
  • MODULE 41 – Secret Module



Check out some samples here:


Here’s Some Exclusive Bonuses You’ll Get If You Purchase Graphics Magic Box V3 Through My Site:


3 Free Twitter Covers

Enjoy these 3 slick & professional twitter covers to demand respect and authority. And you are also getting full PLR & giveaway rights with this pack.



2 Free Google Plus Covers

Enjoy these 2 attractive Google Plus covers to stand out from the crowd! And you also get full PLR & giveaway rights with this pack.




3 Facebook Cover Templates

Have fun with these 3 fabulous Facebook covers. They could be perfect for offline clients, SEO/web design services or any type of branding. And you also get full PLR & giveaway rights with this pack.



3 Free Viral Quote Graphics

Enjoy these 3 simple, yet powerful, viral quote graphics. Perfect to boost up your marketing on Facebook & Pinterest!


3 Free Graphical Headlines

Add these attention-grabbing graphical headlines to boost your sales & conversions on your sales pages. And you are also getting full PLR & giveaway rights with this pack.


4 Free Ecover Graphics

Create stunning Kindle & ecover graphics and use it for your 3D ecovers on your website too! And you are also getting full PLR & giveaway rights with this pack.

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