CPA Cash Machine Biz In A Box Review

What Is CPA Cash Machine Biz In A Box?

CPA Cash Machine Biz In A Box is an exclusive, brand-new PLR package with 32 high-quality modules. The content of CPA Cash Machine Biz In A Box is 100% unique and completely created from scratch, and contains a full, Premium Quality Sales Funnel on one of the hot topics in internet marketing: CPA Marketing.

Created by Lucas Adamski who is well-established in the graphics niche and Abinadi Suarez, this PLR product release is of good quality, and requires only minimal editing for you to customize it as your own.

With PLR rights, you can edit this product however you want, sell it under your own name or brand name by using a complete set of ready-to-install Premium Quality Marketing Tools and keep all the profits for yourself. Take a look at the following video preview below:

Key Features:

* Brand-New, Up-To-Date Product In A Evergreen & Hot Niche
* Slap Your Name On It & Resell For Instant 100% Profits On Autopilot!
* Ready-To-Go, Profit-Pulling Sales Material Makes Selling EASY!
* Dead-Simple 30-Minute Set Up Even If You’re “Tech Challenged”
* Generate A Lucrative Buyer’s List & Monetize It For Years To Come

Front End – Basic Package

CPA Cash Machine Biz In A Box “Basic Package” consists of the premium quality Training Guide with a complete set of ready-to-install Premium Quality Marketing Tools in the following modules:

  • MODULE 1 – High Quality Training Guide
  • MODULE 2 – High Converting Squeeze Page
  • MODULE 3 – Cheat Sheet
  • MODULE 4 – Mind Map
  • MODULE 5 – Top Resources Report
  • MODULE 6 – High Converting Sales Copy
  • MODULE 7 – Professional Minisite
  • MODULE 8 – Doodle Style Sales Video
  • MODULE 9 – Follow Up Emails
  • MODULE 10 – Swipe Emails for Affiliates
  • MODULE 11 – Niche Infographic
  • MODULE 12 – Animated Banners
  • MODULE 13 – High Quality Ecover Graphics

Upsell #1 – Platinum Upgrade

CPA Cash Machine Business in a Box “Platinum Upgrade” consists of a premium quality HD Video Training Version of the Training Guide plus a complete Lead Generation System as well as a few Branding Tools offered as a bonus. So together with the basic Training Guide, installing the Premium Quality Sales Funnel will add an upsell to multiply your income with the same time, money and effort.

Lead Generation Package:

  • Squeeze Page
  • Squeeze Page Sales Copy
  • Special Free Report
  • Follow-up Emails
  • High Quality Graphics

Upsell Offer:

  • High Definition Video Training
  • Video Raw Files
  • Presentation Slides
  • Voice-over Audios
  • Voice-over Scripts
  • High Converting Sales Copy
  • Professional Minisite
  • Doodle Style Sales Video
  • Follow-Up Emails
  • High Quality Graphics

Branding Tools:

  • Niche Blog
  • PLR Articles
  • Keywords
  • Social Media Graphics

Downsell #1 – Silver Upgrade

Platinum upgrade includes everything from Upsell #1 except the Branding Tools bonus.

Upsell #2 – Monster PLR Bundle

Monster PLR Bundle features Lucas’ 5 complete graphics products with over 1,500 premium graphics. As a special one-time offer, you’ll be able to get it for a special 80% discount. 

Upsell #3 – Installation Or Rebranding Service

This service is included for those who do not have the time to install or rebrand their PLR product. While it does cost a fair bit, but the time saved could more than make up for it as you stand to launch your product and profit sooner.

Upsell #4 – White-Label Custom Set Up

This is the premium, high-end option where you get full resell rights to the main front end product CPA Cash Machine Biz In A Box. That means you can even sell PLR to this product as an amazing opportunity, with the whole funnel including Upsell #1, Downsell #1, follow ups,  and all the source files, plus a professional installation & customization service included.


What Makes CPA Cash Machine Biz In A Box Worth Owning?


Stellar-Quality Products
Put your name on a carefully crafted, high-quality information product that features the most cutting-edge information about CPA marketing
Easy 30-Minute Set Up
Just do couple of simple tweaks, upload to your server & start cranking out some easy cash
Copy & Paste Sales Material
Use top-shelf marketing material, like doodle style sales video, minisite in multiple color variations, banners and other sales-crushing elements!
Keep All The Profits!
And the best part? You make 100% profits from each and every sale and build a highly lucrative buyer’s list that you can make money from for years to come!


Here Are Some Powerful Ideas On How You Can Make Money With This Plug & Play Solution



Sell it for $9, $27, or even $97 for instant profit
Create an internet marketing membership site or add to your existing one
Use it as a stunning bonus to your products to sky-rocket your conversions
Use it as an affiliate bonus to earn more easy affiliate commissions
Use it as a free gift to build a money-making list
Use it yourself to start generating an additional stream of income online




Resell the full training for $97, $197 or even $497!
Offer it as a bonus to attract more offline clients
Offer a CPA marketing service to your clients for big bucks


So what is CPA Marketing?

CPA stands for “Cost Per Action“. It is an online advertising pricing model where the advertiser pays the affiliate for each specified action – for example, an impression, click, or form submit. This differs from regular affiliate marketing which is on a “Cost Per Sale” basis, where the affiliate only gets paid for each sale.

It is a lucrative marketing with proven spending, based on this screenshot taken from the sales page:


How Lucrative is CPA Marketing?

Online Advertising Is Growing Rapidly & Will Hit $62.0 Billion A Year In 2016


Ad Revenue Is Up 55% From 2011 To 2015
CPA Marketing is an integral model of online advertising and it goes hand in hand. Affiliates promoting CPA offers are craving for new, up-to-date information training and are ready to buy ASAP!
Internet Adveriting Is Taking Over The Print!

At Least 95% Of Google’s Total Revenue Comes From Advertising
$20 Billion In Sales Have Been Generated From Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing Spending In USA Has Increased By 63% from 2011 to 2014
72% Of PPC Marketers Plan To Increase Their Budget


The Information Product Business

As you may have already know, selling your OWN products is the best way to make money online.

Information product businesses are still one of the easiest to tap into with lots of “hidden” opportunities.

That’s where top marketers are making the bulk of their money. They make 100% of the profits from each sale, except for those promoted through their affiliates.

So here’s how CPA Cash Machine Biz In A Box will help you in owning and selling your own information product:


Product Creation Simplified


Here’s a break down of the components you will receive, and the estimated time and outsourced money saved by getting this PLR product, CPA Cash Machine Biz In A Box, instead of creating it all yourself or even outsourcing it:

Time Saved
Money Saved
High-Quality Information Product
70 Hours
High-Converting Sales Letter
20 Hours
Top-Notch Squeeze Page
4 Hours
Professional Minisite
8 Hours
Professional Affiliate Page
2 Hours
Ecover Graphics
2 Hours
8 Animated Banners
6 Hours
112 Hours


So essentially in a nutshell, that’s what you get with the package of CPA Cash Machine Biz In A Box.

I’ve reviewed the contents, and it has proven itself as a solid, Done-For-You information product that you can get at a FRACTION Of The Actual Cost as shown above.

It’s a simple, copy & paste, plug & play solution for busy marketers.

Click Here to learn how you can profit with CPA Cash Machine Biz In A Box

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