Cover Genie Pro Review + Bonuses + Discount – Demo and Preview

What Is Cover Genie Pro?

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Cover Genie Pro

Cover Genie Pro is a brand new, upcoming 3D e-cover software that quickly creates stunning and realistic product graphics such as Boxes, e-Books, CDs, DVDs and much more. In this review, I will be sharing with you what I’ve discovered from my demo access to this software.

Ever heard of the classic saying: a picture paints a thousand words? Well, your product’s cover design is one of the most important elements which determines whether your product flies successfully or flops miserably. First impressions and looks do count, whether we like it or not.

Now with Cover Genie Pro, which also comes fully equipped with pre-built, premium design templates, it helps you create professional cover designs much more quickly and easily. All you have to do is literally point and click, drag and drop with your mouse.

No Photoshop Required. No Design Skill Needed.

This web-based app is produced by the highly prominent team of June Ashley, Kayte-Lee and Edmund Loh of These are the same folks behind Logo Genie Pro, WoW Presentation, and they are 8X JVZoo Pick Of The Day award winners. It’s worth mentioning that Kayte and Ashley are designers first, marketers second. A million thanks to them for granting me this privileged demo access, which is why I’m able to share this preview with you. 🙂

With Cover Genie Pro, the complicated process of producing your own professional covers is crunched down, distilled and simplified – and unlike all other contemporary solutions out there, for the first time you can also create photo realistic mockups to sell your product!

Watch Cover Genie Pro In Action!

See How Easy It Is To Use This Software To Create Guru-Level Cover Designs In Just Minutes Or Less

Why Cover Genie

Is Different:

You can build your own guru-level covers in minutes or less, drag and drop, point n click style

Rich selection of 150 3D Cover models you can choose from – ranging from simple book and box covers to even complex Bundles and Packaging (which would have cost more for custom designing!)

Comes ready with a library of 50 ready-made templates (+100 more in the Deluxe version). These are modern, current designs mind you. Not fluffed up with hundreds of dated designs.

For the first time ever, Cover Genie Pro introduces Photorealistic Mockups where you can create mockups and see what your product looks like… even before you actually produce it! Most useful for offline business owners and anyone working in manufacturing, just as it is for web designers and developers.

Cover Genie Pro

Is Perfect For:

Saving time and effort – produce professional, modern-look covers on your own within minutes – no waiting needed on freelance designers.

Save fees – no need to engage third party designers, or pay ridiculous fees for Adobe Photoshop (which has recently been turned into a monthly-fee-to-use program)

Boost your conversions – looks are more important than ever. Skyrocket your leads and sales, dress to kill!

Make money – you can even use this to produce cover designs for business clients (this can very well be your secret weapon).

Impress clients – make full use of the photorealistic mockup features to present ideas and potential products to your clients before going all-in for your offer creation.

Check out some of the designs that I created in less than 5 minutes each with Cover Genie Pro:
1) This is a product bundle, which you get access to even in just the basic version of the software. Some competing software requires an upgrade before you are even able to access this feature:
 Bundle 1
2) This is a photorealistic mockup, which is the killer feature in Cover Genie Pro, that you can’t get elsewhere. You get to show your product as though it was being displayed on a laptop, smartphone, signboard, billboards, and many more.
CPA Cash
3) These are some product packages, which include some very unique variations of product boxes, and even supplement bottles and food cans! 🙂
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wow presentation 2

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