CB Passive Income License Program Review & Bonus

All right folks, it’s finally here! CB Passive Income License Program by Patric Chan was launched live on August 2nd at 8am EST. Having gotten early access to write this review, it does exactly what it’s supposed to as indicated in the earlier previews and videos:

1. CB Passive Income License Program is basically a “done for you” squeeze page, sales funnel, and list builder all rolled into one package. You will have a hot squeeze page all ready with a free e-book for your subscribers, and all you need to do is to send traffic. The strongest point is that you don’t need your own web site, hosting, product, and so on, since it’s all hosted on the program’s website itself.

If you were to do this all on your own from scratch, you would have to do the following steps:

i) Build your own squeeze page

ii) Get your own autoresponder and write your own follow-up messages

iii) Write your own e-book

iv) Host it all on your own domain and web hosting

So in a nutshell, Patric has got you all covered for the above items, and you get to ‘license’ his entire system in this program.

2. To start sending traffic, there is quite a lot of training focused on this area, covering all the various methods used to generate traffic, both free and paid. While this is not revolutionary new stuff to experienced marketers, what I do like is how Patric explains each method clearly and simply, and he makes sound recommendations on what works and what doesn’t from his vast experience.

CB Passive Income License Program has a Pro upgrade option that I would strongly recommend, and here’s the biggest reasons why:

3. You get to build your own mailing list as well. The main problem with being an affiliate marketer who promotes products with squeeze pages, is that while it’s great that the vendor is helping you to follow-up for the sale, you are only going to get that one-time sale. The customer is added to the vendor’s mailing list and not yours. So the vendor gets to follow up with the customer for many more sales down the road, while you just make a one-time affiliate commission and that’s it.

4. Not anymore with the Pro upgrade option, as you can link your own autoresponder account with the system as well. So any customer that signs up becomes a subscriber of both CB Passive Income as well as your very own list. Think about how powerful this is in the longer term. You get to follow-up with the customer, build a relationship, provide quality content, and sell future products, and so on.

Now, not every system is perfect of course. The limitation is that not every subscriber that is added to Patric’s list is going to sign up on yours. That’s a basic fact since each subscriber has to confirm for 2 different lists before they are fully subscribed to both lists.

But overall, it’s still a great system to levarage upon, since it would be really tough work for anyone to build a similar system all on their own. So don’t reinvent the wheel, and license the system instead. 😉

If you’d like to buy CB Passive Income License Program through my link, I’ve also got a bonus lined up for you here:

Click here to view your Bonus for CB Passive Income License Program

This is in addition to the valuable bonuses that Patric is already offering to all buyers of the new  CB Passive Income License Program.

If you’re still unsure, you can even check out the squeeze page itself and download the free e-book here: Operation Quick Money

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