Buyer Squeezer Review

Buyer Squeezer is a brand new, 3-in-1 Video Marketing WP Plugin. It allows you to add your own call to action with powerful delay features on top of any video (even those you did not create).

So what does it do? It gives you the ability to prompt your viewers to take action by clicking on a butoon and go to any page you desire. It can collect leads PLUS most importantly build viral traffic. It takes less than 2 minutes to setup.

One of the best parts is that you don’t even have to create any of your own videos to make this work. It can all be done with viral videos that are already on YouTube. So how does it work?

Check out the Buyer Squeezer video demo here:

First, from within the website, you can search for the video that you want to publish. After that, you can add the call to action button (and you can send that traffic to any place you want: eBay, Amazon, T – shirts, CPA offers, ClickBank, your own Products, if you can name it, it pretty much does it.) This key feature also comes with a delay setting so that your viewers are NOT bombarded with offers right away. First engage, then later SELL. 🙂

Same goes with optins for email marketing. Your squeeze page can show up at any time you set it to show up, be it after 2 minutes, or even after 5 minutes.

In addition, once your visitors finish watching any video, they are also prompted to share it. Videos shared across social media these days have the sheer power to bring viral traffic back to the site where the video has been posted on.

Another cool feature is GEO targeting, which is great for CPA marketers who need to connect with localized prospects.

Besides getting to use all the nifty features above, you will also receive training and detailed strategies on how to optimize Buyer Squeezer and how to make it work most profitably for you.

In a nutshell, Buyer Squeezer helps you grow your business in 3 steps: building viral traffic that leads to collecting leads, and ultimately converting them to buyers who bring you sales.
Check out Buyer Squeezer below:

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