Hi there, I’m Chris Lee from sunny Malaysia. I’m here to share with you what I’ve learnt about affiliate marketing, so this blog is dedicated to help all those with an interest in how to make money with affiliate marketing itself.

To those of you who are new to internet marketing as a whole, affiliate marketing is an exciting area which I’d recommend anyone to get started in. It’s always easier to get started selling somebody else’s product first. 🙂 But effectively selling and promoting well takes a lot of time, patience, and consistency to learn.

And yes, I’m still learning a lot myself too. I’m still a part-time marketer myself with a full-time day job in the banking line, and let me tell you, it’s not easy juggling the time it takes to build up a business online. But I persevere and persist because I know where that will bring me eventually, and I’d be more than glad to share the experience and journey with you here.

Other than work, my hobbies include reading (as if being online is not enough as a marketer!), racquet sports, bowling, and even playing the piano. You can check out some of my fun home recordings at: http://musicalforte.com/my-piano-videos

So happy reading, and I’ll be glad to share what I’ve learnt and help you out as best as I can. Drop me a note on my contact page if you need anything.


Chris Lee