$ 50 Per Day System Review and Bonus

$50 Per Day System launches Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016 9.00am EST

50 per day system

Hi folks, thanks for dropping by to read my $ 50 Per Day System Review. 🙂 Hence its name, it’s obviously something that will teach you how to make $50 per day and more. So let’s dig in here…

This is a course created by upcoming marketer Robin Ooi and his mentor Gerald Soh, who are both from Malaysia (me too! 🙂 ). Now Gerald is already well-known in internet marketing circles, having topped leaderboards in several high-profile affiliate contests (more on that below in the 1st bonus). So once again, I can see that he has guided Robin very well indeed in this course. Robin is an SEO expert, having written the best-selling book on Amazon Kindle: Your SEO Sucks. So read on to see how you can benefit from Robin’s SEO expertise…

your seo sucks ebook

So What Actually is the $ 50 Per Day System?

$50 per day system

The $ 50 Per Day System is unique and different from other internet marketing courses out there. This is not your traditional affiliate marketing course, and it’s definitely got nothing to do with gambling of any sort. This course is all about making money with the latest Fiverr clone that has hit the online market, known as Source Market.

Now for those of you who are new to online marketing, Fiverr is the online equivalent of a service shopping site, where you can buy and sell all kinds of little services or tasks known as gigs for just $5 each. While Fiverr still works well today, competition and crowds are making it more tricky and competitive to break through here.

So in comes Source Market, the brainchild of Alex Becker, which was designed to give everyone a fresh start on another site similar to Fiverr, but with some enhanced features such as being able to price your gigs at more than just $5 each. So in the $ 50 Per Day System, as correctly pointed out by Robin and Gerald, you will not need any paid traffic, email list or even traditional websites to make money with this system.

With Robin’s $ 50 Per Day System, you will learn how to generate $50/day and more by simply offering SEO services and flipping these services on Source Market. All you need to do is to spend 20-30 minutes each day fulfilling these orders.

Contents of the $50 Per Day System

I was fortunate in being extended early review access by Robin, so here’s sharing a screenshot of the members area:

50 per day system members area

Essentially, this is a 6-module video course that covers the following topics:

1. What Is SEO?
2. Introducing Source Market
3. To Build Reputation?
4. How To Fulfill Orders?
5. Rinse, Repeat & Scale
6. What Is PBN?

So what impressed me most about the $50 Per Day System course is the clarity with which Robin delivers the course material. He has all the content on SEO and Source Market at his fingertips, and is very clear and effective as he explains the background and concepts to you, and finally what you need to do to get started making money from fulfilling orders.

While videos 1-4 cover the basics of the system, videos 5-6 are particularly impressive since they cover the art of scaling up to greater profits, and the coverage of PBN (Private Blog Networks) is also a highly useful tool in expanding your earnings for the longer run.

Overall, the front-end product for $50 Per Day System is solid as it covers the core of offering SEO services on Source Market very well, and is more than good enough as a complete, standalone product. If you do need an extra boost and are short of time, you should consider purchasing the OTOs which are designed to speed up your progress:

OTO 1 Package – Done for you Templates

OTO 2 Package – SEO Fastlane PBN Blueprint + Over-The-Shoulder Video

OTO 3 Package – Group Coaching via FB + Strategy Sessions


Summary of my $50 Per Day System Review

In a nutshell, I do highly recommend Robin and Gerald’s  $ 50 Per Day System as a solid, low-priced course that is designed to teach newbies very quickly how to make money through SEO services on Source Market. In case you already have other ongoing online businesses such as affiliate marketing or other digital product sales, this course is still a solid, additional income stream that you can add on to increase your income by $50 per day (as a start), and scale it upwards from there.

There is hardly anything that I can find fault with in this course, as $50 Per Day System is a clearly conceived course, with a strong, central focus on providing SEO services using PBNs. This is Robin’s area of expertise indeed, which is why he presents very clearly in his video presentations.

This is so far the 2nd course in the market covering Source Market, of which the 1st one, Easier than Fiverr was a similar and hugely popular course. By contrast, Easier than Fiverr was more about being a middleman, while the $ 50 Per Day System draws on Robin’s core expertise to keep you much more focused on just providing SEO services and scaling up your income from there.

As with all the courses that I highly recommend, I’ll make it worth your while to get this course with a big bonus below:

$50 per day system

Bonuses for the $ 50 Per Day System

I’ve secured the rights to Gerald’s course Clicking Profits System, and you get this course for FREE if you pick up a copy of $ 50 Per Day System

Bonus #1: Clicking Profits System (Worth $297)50 per day system bonus - clicking profits system

“Discover How Gerald Got 4th Placing in One of Internet Marketing’s Biggest Launch & Made $16,770 in Sales Within 7 Days… Without A List & Without Paying A Single Cent For Traffic”

Bonus #2: 3 New Quick Income Systems (Worth $147)

Also as a special BONUS for buying $ 50 Per Day System through this site only, here are my 3 latest courses that will help you in creating an online income more quickly:

50 per day system bonus     50 per day system bonus     50 per day system bonus


How to Claim Your Bonuses

  1. Purchase $50 Per Day System through this link.
  2. That’s it, your bonuses will be automatically available for download in your Warriorplus purchases area.

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