5 Profitable Online Business Models – What’s Working Well Today?

Which business models work today?

If you’re new online, and you’re thinking about getting started in the Internet marketing business, I’m sure you might be wondering which business models are relevant and highly profitable today? Yes, it is a well-known fact that online business models can change quickly, and what used to work well say 5 years ago may not be the case today. Choosing the right business models can literally make or break your business, as they would make all the difference in the world.

Today, I’d like to share with you five online business models that are still very profitable today.


Business Model #1: E-commerce

No matter what, people are still buying things online today, and will continue to do so.  Whether it’s Amazon, Ebay, or Barnes & Noble, people like you and me will always need stores to buy the items we need. So if you can create a niche site where people can buy certain items at a competitive price, then there’s a pretty good chance you will succeed. E-commerce still remains as one of the best models to making money online today.

Business Model #2: Digital Products

Digital products are another solid and viable business model, thanks to technology today. Whether you are looking at e-books, audiobooks or practically any product that can be distributed digitally, they can be huge sellers if marketed and promoted correctly. It is a lot easier to create digital products today and you can create a really great passive income by selling them to the right audience.

Business Model #3: Affiliate Products

Hence the main subject of this blog, affiliate products are certainly still one of the best ways to make money online today. 🙂 The biggest advantage is that you don’t have to spend any time in product creation, and there is a huge variety of digital products to choose from. In fact, just looking at Clickbank alone, you can choose from thousands of products to find those of the highest quality and best commissions. Affiliate products also extend to physical product programs like Amazon as well.

Business Model #4: Consultant Business

The consultant business has become increasingly popular recently. People do need help and will consult on all kinds of things from investing online to getting a hot date, and finally how to make more money online. If you setup an online consultant business and build up your client base, you could be looking at a six-figure income while working from home while having the freedom of owning your own business.

Business Model #5: Freelancing

Being a freelancer is not only one of the most popular and lucrative ways of making money online, it is also easier and more familiar to most people compared to other models. You could be a writer, graphic designer or programmer, and you can still make money by freelancing. There are many resourceful sites out there that will help you list your services, as well as plenty of middlemen, brokering websites where you work for them and they source the clients for you – a true win-win relationship that benefits everyone.


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