5 Powerful Ways to Increase Your Online Profits

If you want to increase your online profits, there are in fact many ways to achieve this. You can search the internet trying to collect a whole list of tips that may help you increase your profits, but to save you time, here are five of the most powerful ways to do just that and if you do nothing else to increase your profits, you should at least consider these methods.

Upselling: Upselling is one of the most effective ways to increase the profits that you’re making from each sale. The best way to do this is to offer a solid product that people want to buy (this will be your core frontend), and then offer an upsell that actually enhances or complements your core product. That way, you will maximize the chances of making sales on your upsells at least part of the time, since you’re catching your customers in a buying mode already.

Price Increase: A price increase can still mean more cash in your pocket as long as you do it correctly. If you increase your price too much, you will hurt your sales, which will probably mean that you’ll make less money even with the higher price. You need to figure out the optimum price you can charge per sale while still maximizing the number of sales, to optimize your online profits.

Cross-Selling: Closely related to the upsell, one of the things that you can do in order to make more online profits is to cross-sell related products that will work well with the product that you’re currently selling. So whenever your customer is planning to buy something from you, that’s when you cross-sell closely related products that will work closely with the current product being sold. Amazon does this to great effect, such as accessories with computers, smartphones, or even say related movies to the latest Star Wars movie you’ve just purchased, and so on. They have tons of related products, as well as other products that customers who purchased the current product have either viewed or purchased. Customers will always be keen to buy something closely related.

Split Testing Copy: If you write great sales copy, you will make sales and profits without a doubt. But how do you know if the sales copy that you have is already the most effective for you? The only way to find this out is by split-testing your sales copy. That means writing say 2 different versions of the same sales copy (call it A and B) and then testing it and checking your stats to find out whether sales copy A or B performed better. Then, discard the loser, keep the winner, and repeat the split test with another variable. When you repeat this split test enough times, you will definitely end up with a very highly optimized sales copy that will maximize your sales and online profits.

Get Referrals: Finally, you should definitely find a way to get more referrals from your existing customers. If you can offer them some sort of incentive such as a free gift, vouchers or bonuses in order for them to send their friends, family and social media contacts to you, you’ll certainly multiply your customer base and therefore, your online profits.

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